Can't I ground the loop to a ground rod and protect the loop that way? Plug the other end into your source component’s (stereo receiver for example) 12-volt trigger output port. Panamax® Power Surge Protector-MR4300 Model#: MR4300. My connected equipment has been damaged. For my house? The EDF loop is one of the many paths that lightning can take to get inside the house. Panamax is very busy in the summer, as we receive many lightning related calls. The Panamax protector contains fusible links on the loop side to limit the amount of lightning current at can come in, to values the protector can handle without damage. If your Panamax product has a 12-volt trigger output port, you can use it as the source component to trigger other components. Thus, the differences in voltage between them result in small amounts of AC current traveling in a “ground loop” through your equipment. Can I “daisy-chain” my equipment by using outlets provided on the back of any components. All electronic equipment that is properly connected to a single Panamax surge protector that has been damaged by a surge. A flashing red lightning bolt indicator signal will appear on the screen of MR4300 whenever such events occur. Front Panel Outlet ... please contact Panamax Customer Relations. 141. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We are open Monday-Friday from 6am-4pm Pacific TIme. Why can't I just use an ordinary AC protector? Experience shows that in difficult sites (frequent lightning, large loop, hilltop locations) transmitters will be damaged several times per year unless they are protected. The on/off switch needs to be turned on. Don't I have to worry about lightning currents being brought into the house by the loop? PROBLEM. Panamax patented AVM circuitry provides the ultimate in power protection and filtering for your AV equipment. Shop Panamax 8-Outlet Surge Protector Black at Best Buy. Our surge protector will still provide substantial protection, but our connected equipment warranty is not valid, because the protector’s effectiveness is reduced. I decided to invest into another Panamax, and i am so happy that i did. In case of an undervoltage or an overvoltage, a flashing lightning bolt will be displayed in red in the voltmeter, and power to the connected equipment is automatically turned off if either of these conditions is detected. Post-Panamax or over-Panamax denote ships larger than Panamax that do not fit in the original canal locks, such as supertankers and the largest modern container and passenger ships.The first post-Panamax ship was the RMS Queen Mary, launched in 1934, built with a 118-foot beam as she was intended solely for North Atlantic passenger runs. only authorized dealers warranty's are valid / usable, per the info on panamax site. Obtain a 1/8” mono jack cord, plug one end into your Panamax product’s 12 volt trigger input port. But a Panamax protector used with a two wire outlet is still very effective at preventing lightning/surge damage! Page 4 Panamax Power Conditioner Limited Connected Equipment Protection Warranty Valid only in the United States and Canada. Can I use separate protectors for the loop and AC? All Panamax power management products feature standard noise filtration. 19. You may also leave your fax # on the customer service voice mail. This plastic cover prevents the plug from scratching the unit. The loop protector needs to be specially designed for the EDF frequencies/voltages. Where can I find literature for my Panamax item? Our products do not require a registration card. 775. 777. (TVs, Amplifiers, Receivers etc.) For current products, the corresponding literature is under the Resources tab on each product page. Panamax's patented Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) technology continuously monitors the incoming power. Panamax warrants to the purchaser of this Panamax audio/video component style power conditioner, for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase, that the unit shall be free of any defects in design, material or workmanship, and Panamax will repair or replace any defective product up to three years from the purchase date. Enter your product model number in the seach bar in the site navigation, or select one of the links below to begin: Rackmount and Component Power      |      Compact Power      |      Battery Backup If your protector is damaged by a surge, spike or lightning, call 1-800-472-5555 (this phone number is printed on all Panamax products) and a customer service representative will assist you. CATV, AC wiring, phone, and TV/DBS antenna wires are other paths. 568. Panamax’s patented Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) technology continuously monitors the incoming power. Panamax has introduced the new entry level MR4000 Home Theater Power Management unit designed to protect your valuable electronics from unpredictable and potentially catastrophic power surges.The MR4000 features 8 protected outlets (7 on the back and 1 on the front) with Panamax’s patented Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) technology, which is designed to continuously monitor incoming … 564. Page 1 4300-PM will need to be repaired or receivers require a telephone line con- power include loss of picture detail, Automatic Over & Under Voltage replaced by Panamax if this occurs. MAX® 8 allpath, towerMAX® 8 ksu, etc.) Panamax’s patented Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) technology continuously monitors the incoming power. What is the expected field life of the Panamax protectors? Your receipt is required for any warranty claim. Related: panamax mr4300 panamax mr5300 panamax m5100-pm panamax m5300 panamax power conditioner panamax mr4000 panamax m5300-pm panamax mr5400 panamax mr5100 ex Include description Category 558. Use only Panamax extension 4. I needed to address the wire nest behind my desk. Please note: the connected equipment warranty does not apply outside the U.S. and Canada. When overwhelmed with extreme catastrophic events, Panamax permanently disconnects AC power to equipment. Upon our receipt of the Panamax surge protector and completed claim documentation package (including all receipts, technical reports and estimates of repair) in our office, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete the claim evaluation process. be checked by a qualified electrician. In the event of a catastrophic surge such as light-ning, it completely disconnects AC power to con- ... Surge Protector Panamax MR4300 Reference Manual. Protect your A/V components from power surges with this Panamax MR4300 9-outlet surge protector, which features a 1575-joule rating to keep your equipment safe. 799. in order to provide a single point ground and to have a warranted application. My Panamax component product has an “RS232” port. The Panamax warranty requires the use of equipment manufacturers’ power line cords only, with no extension cords or adaptors. 776. What do I do? Page 1 Do not use 2-blade adapters or any other “power strips” with this product. NOTIFICATION: You must notify Panamax Panamax reserves the right to inspect the dam- or controversy between you and Panamax. In the event of a catastrophic surge such as light-ning, it completely disconnects AC power to con-nected equipment. Panamax’s MR Family of products offers several layers of surge protection. This can be easily measured with an ohmmeter. AC and coax or data lines). No, the module needs to be attached to a base unit (i.e. ' MAGNOLIA-BESTBUY ' Are an official Authorized dealer of PANAMAX, Does the Model: MR4300 come with the official / usable warrant? 567. I have a 2-prong outlet; will a Panamax surge protector work? Panamax has you covered there too. There is a gray cover on my Panamax plug. You can, but it won’t work, unless the installation is very carefully done. The resistance of a short (say 2 foot) rod would be about 4 times larger- say 1000-4000 ohms! It is MUCH better to have the loop and AC protectors in one package. Panamax’s patented Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) technology continuously monitors the incoming power. Yes, you do. As stated above, EDF transmitters need to be protected BOTH on the loop side and on the AC side. Our customers like to use them for lamps or vcrs that need a constant power source for memory. 566. What is a ground loop and what is ground hum? Panamax’s patented Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) technology continuously monitors the incoming power. Can I use a module as a stand-alone surge protector? 142. If you have an older model, view our Legacy product literature. It is the policy of Panamax that it will, at its 3. Occasionally the process is shorter, but during lightning season (June – Nov.), it may be somewhat longer. 21. Panamax's MR Family of products offers several layers of surge protection. The few protectors that have been damaged suggest a field life (MTBF) of AT LEAST 500 YEARS, and probably more, even in high-lightning areas. No. Lightning currents coming into the loop from direct lightning can be several thousand amperes. Please keep a copy of your Panamax receipt. The “always on” outlet has power all the time, regardless of the on/off switch, which controls the other outlets. Your telephone line should be run through a primary gas tube or carbon block protector and the ground wire from this needs to be bonded to the house ground. Why do you need lightning protection at all? Media Lights: The Panamax MR4300 features front-panel rotating and dimmable media lights that help illuminate your equipment in your AV rack or cabinet. The NEC also requires (250-50) that all grounding electrodes be bonded (i.e., connected together) with a heavy conductor(Table 250-66). Protecting a complete system may sometimes require that signal wires coming out of the wall be protected as well. Panamax's patent pending AVM circuitry continuously monitors the incoming power as displayed on the digital voltmeter. Panamax’s MR Family of products offers several layers of surge protection. Most of the other products do not have serial numbers. A red "Line Fault" light indicates an improperly wired outlet that must. In case of an under-voltage or brownout (too little electricity), or an over-voltage (too much electricity), a flashing red lightning bolt illuminates and … All signal wires that are to be grounded as they enter a building (per applicable code) need to be bonded to this point. Are the coaxial connections for satellite and cable bi-directional? When the data lines, coax lines or AC lines are not connected to the same grounding point there can be a difference in voltage between them when they enter your electrical equipment. Description. MODEL - MR4300 DOC. What is the 12-volt trigger on my Panamax product used for? Can I “daisy-chain” my equipment by using outlets provided on the back of any components? 774. Protect or Disconnect™ Technology This is yet another exclusive core protection technology of Panamax that I am particularly impressed with. In case of an undervoltage or brownout (too little electricity) or an overvoltage (too much electricity) a flashing red lightning bolt will be displayed and power to the equipment is automatically turned off. Panamax - 8-Outlet Surge Protector - Black Product Description: Protect your electrical devices with this Panamax MR4000 8-outlet surge protector that features Protect or Disconnect technology to automatically disconnect equipment in the event of a large power surge. What is it for? 779. This ultra fast protection circuitry completely protects your equipment from surges such as lightning. Unstable AC Voltage Conditions. Is there a serial number for my surge protector? Panamax MR4300 - surge protector - 1800 Watt overview and full product specs on CNET. It is a well-known brand trusted by most technology experts. Please retain a copy of your original proof of purchase for your surge protector. The differing ground lines are interconnected within the system components. Panamax’s MR Family of products offers several layers of surge protection. Panamax's MR Family of products offers several layers of surge protection. YES! Panamax makes great products that are fit for purpose and I have a number of their products in service. Do the lightning bolts on the module need to be lit for my surge protector to be working? Yes, please call customer service (800-472-5555). 8 Outlet Power Management, specifically designed and engineered to provide protected and filtered power to your home theater system.

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